Week 8…… The Process of Arriving at Agreement

There is no way to achieve Win/Win ends with Win/Lose or Lose/Win means.  You can’t say, “Your going to think Win/Win, whether you like it or not”.  So the question becomes how to arrive at a Win/Win solution.  Strong food for thought from the great Stephen R. Covey, in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  As I understand this correctly, simply making the assumption that a negotiation will result in all parties agreeing simply because of a want has low statistical significance of success.  Yes, strict adherence to process has a more centralized effect, creating agreement for two parties on a given subject matter (whatever the basis may be).  The intelligence range goes from domestic or spousal, to business, volunteer options, and various alternate initiatives.  You may state……hey buddy, get to the specifics here……I don’t have all day!  Strategy number one: abstract the person that you are to negotiate with from the situation, problem, or what is to be negotiated. Example: If I have a business that I want to make traction with, and I’m on the fourth follow up, it’s clear that the negotiation is not going my way, or as fast as I may expect.  If you take the person that you are marketing to, and separate them from what you want, and what they are not agreeing to pay attention to, is the beginning of your platform.   This is where the value proposition lies, or where you must translate it.  Gee……. focus on their wants and needs, and then introduce the solution that you both can benefit from.  It’s like knowing the terrain for a (marathon), or obstacle course (survival), and you have guests going through the experience as you are the guide.  You know what the direction or course of action is, but they are on their own voyage and discovery.  You are responsible for getting them to the finish line, while handling all objections.  There are 4 measures that need to be applied: 1. have the ability to see the problem from the other parties’ point of view, 2. Identify key issues and concerns, 3. find out what results would constitute a 100% acceptable solution (even if you are giving, in the negotiation), and bring about new possible options to achieve the results.  The previous measures close the gap on Win/Lose or Lose/Win scenarios.  Yes, there is work to be done, but highly possible with clear thought, and pure strategy.  Yes, you have just experienced another fantastic lesson from http://www.pif-scholarship.com Where Paying It Forward Has It’s Privileges. 


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